Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's not left vs right . . .

This was a post on Digg by user named OfoarHeffinsake regarding a washington post article "Enough right-wing propaganda"

Although, I have advocated steam rolling, this comment has convinced me to be more patient :).

Call me whatever names you want, but I see nothing wrong with the way Obama handles the right wing in general. Yes, in a specific instance like the Sherrod "scandal" the White House was too quick to act, but in general, Obama's stalwart decision to "constantly reach out to them" is something I find commendable, not stupid.

I think those of us who consider ourselves liberals who bash Obama for not having balls are missing the point. Do you really want to have the Democrat equivalent of GWB in office? Do you really need Obama to just start steamrolling over everyone without doing his best to include all Americans, not just his base?

As an example, I would have loved to see HCR have more liberal ideas in it, specifically universal health care for all citizens. However, I'm bright enough to realize that such a thing is not going to happen that quickly. We as a country have been struggling over that issue, and many others, for decades now. Obama did what many people considered impossible, and he did it while constantly trying to get the Republicans to work with him.

He used to say in his campaign that these changes he wanted and we were voting for were not going to happen overnight. They might not even all happen during his presidency. But it's coming, and it's coming *OUR* way, not the right wing way. We can be better than them and still succeed.

To put it another way: I'm glad that Obama and his administration are mostly avoiding the Karl Rovian tactics of the previous administration. I'm glad that they are constantly trying to bridge the gap between liberal and conservative, and I'm glad that they aren't doing something as stupid as "proving they have balls."

It's not about win or lose. It's about progress, and so far I'm amazed that Obama's managed to give us some major changes to both the health and financial systems of our country. It's not everything I wanted, but it's more than I ever expected.

So please, let's stop complaining about how Obama doesn't have any balls or his administration is too weak on the right wing. I didn't vote for the guy because I thought he was going to be the Rambo President of the Left Wing. I voted for him because he's smart, examines all of his options before acting, and seems to be making a concerted effort to include the right wing.

Screw those people who think this is a war between the right and the left. It's not. It's about making this country better, regardless of which side "wins."

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